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The Perfect Goalie - Dryland Goalie Program

from Michael "Mize" Zellmer, German 2-time Olympian

1. Stay patient and don‘t panic that some weeks or even months without pool are really affecting your overall development as an athlete! Just keep yourself in shape!


2. Think about goalie motions and attitudes that are similar in and out of the water like tracking the ball, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, confidence to the ball and work on them every day at home.


3. Find and watch videos of international WP matches online and try to focus just on the positioning and behaviour of the top goalies of the world to develop your game.


To support you in this difficult time, I created a Dryland Goalie Program with a weekly plan to work on for 6 days of the week (see links).

I also attached descriptions for all drills and recommendations for stretching & strengthening. For video clips of the stretching & strengthening drill, download and check out my free mobile app ‚XquiX‘.

Feel free to add your own drills and ideas into this plan.


To find matches with the greatest international WP goalies online just go to Youtube and search for 'LEN water polo‘.  You will find several highlight matches of the last years there.

Let‘s stay healthy and do our best to get through this extreme situation even better than before!!


Best greetings,


Michael Zellmer
Water Polo Academy - The Perfect Goalie


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