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In order for the Palos Verdes Water Polo Club to compete successfully at the highest level, it is essential to recognize that participation in our club is a commitment being made by entire families, not just players. Therefore, it is important that we outline our expectations for players and parents. Please read the following guidelines that we expect our players and parents to follow. All players and parents are required to sign at the bottom of the page and return this form in order for the player to be allowed to participate in any of the club’s activities.


1. Players and parents need to understand that part of the mission of the coaches is to help the players develop into mature, responsible young men and women. Therefore, it is the responsibility of players to communicate directly with coaches when issues arise. If the issue remains unresolved after the player and coach speak, a parent may contact the coach. Please do not speak to the coach immediately before, during, or immediately after a game. If the issue is still unresolved after speaking with the coach, the parent may contact the Board of Directors.


2. Parents are not coaches; the players should receive their directions only from the coaching staff on the pool deck, not from parents in the stands.


3. Players and parents should support the players on our teams and refrain from making disparaging remarks about or directed at any of our players, coaches, opponents, or officials. Parents must avoid any physical or verbal confrontations with the parents, coaches, and players of our club or our opponents or with the officials. No player or parent may post disparaging comments with respect to PVWPC, its players, its coaches, its opponents, or officials on any website, message board, blog, etc.


4. Decisions about playing time, travel teams, and all other water polo related matters are made exclusively by the coaching staff and are not open to debate, discussion, or negotiations with parents. A player should feel free to discuss his/her status with the coaches at an appropriate time. Playing time and travel teams are not distributed on an equal basis and are not guaranteed by club membership.


5. No player will be allowed to participate in any practice or game unless he/she is registered with the club and with United States Water Polo. All club dues must be paid in full in order for a player to be allowed to enter the water.


6. Players and parents are expected to provide their own transportation to all practices and games. As a general rule, players should arrive at games at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the match. If you cannot be on time, be early!


By enrolling in the Palos Verdes Water Polo Club, athlete and parents/guardians agree to follow these guidelines. Understand that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the removal of athlete from the Palos Verdes Water Polo Club without refund.

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