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  • Why is there no 16U/18U Boys program in the Fall?  Why is there no 16U/18U Girls program in the Winter?
    The Boys high school water polo season is in the Fall, and nearly all of our 16U- and 18U-eligible Boys are enrolled in high schools with water polo programs. Therefore we have no boys available to form a 16U/18U Boys Club team in the Fall. The same is true for Girls in the Winter quarter (Dec-Feb)
  • Why can’t my 14U boy train with the 12U boys?
    Our 12U Boys program includes some kids as young as 8 or 9 years old. The difference in size, maturity, and physicality between an 8-yr-old and a 14-yr-old is not appropriate in a highly physical, contact sport. The Girls game tends to be less physical than the Boys game at 14U, and we have found it appropriate to mix 12U Boys and 14U Girls.
  • Why do I need to register for both USA Water Polo and PVWPC
    USA Water Polo is our national amateur governing body. It sets the rules for eligibility and competitive play; it handles national athlete registration; and it provides us with our athlete insurance. If your athlete is injured during a sanctioned water polo activity there is a claims process through USA Water Polo to seek reimbursement for your out-of-pocket costs. Annual dues are paid directly to USA Water Polo to cover these services and insurance. USA Water Polo offers a 14-day “trial athlete” membership that is free of charge, but this can be used only once per athlete, ever. • • • PVWPC has no ability to modify this policy. PVWPC is our local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. PVWPC collects quarterly dues, tournament registrations, and donations. We pay for professional coaches, tournament fees, pool time, janitorial fees, and equipment. USA Water Polo registration is a pre-requisite for registering with PV Water Polo Club, and you will be asked for your USA WP membership number and expiration during signup. We are not affiliated with nor subsidized by the cities of Palos Verdes or the school district, although we have an excellent relationship with the PVPUSD who rents us our pool time.
  • Why do you use an 8/2/2009 cutoff date for Free Trial Boys and an 8/2/2007 cutoff date for Free Trial Girls? Are there any exceptions?
    Age group water polo in the U.S. revolves around the “Junior Olympics cycle,” with a series of tournaments and leagues culminating in the massive National Junior Olympic tournament in late July of each year. To ensure that players do not change age groups during a JO cycle, USA Water Polo uses an “age as of” date of August 1 of that year for the tournament. Age groups are separated every 2 years, e.g. “14U” is 14-and-under, “12U” is 12-and-under, etc. So, for example, an athlete born on 8/1/2009 will turn 13 on 8/1/2022, and thus will be considered “14U” by USA Water Polo for the entire 2021/2022 season, even though he/she will not have turned 13 until the last day. That athlete would be ineligible for most of the important 12U tournaments and leagues that we play in as a club. An athlete born one day later, on 8/2/2009, will still be 12 on 8/1/2022, and thus will be considered “12U” and eligible for the entire 2021/2022 season. This is a nation-wide policy of USA Water Polo, enforced by its registration and age-verification system, and by the online rostering system for most important tournaments and leagues. There is no way for PVWPC to waive or over-ride the age restrictions for tournaments that use the USA Water Polo roster registration system. There are a few tournaments in the Fall that use a different “age as of” date, but since our club is geared towards building teams for JOs, our club adheres strictly to the USA Water Polo age group system throughout the year.
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